Chorlton Brewery and Sour Beers with Mike Marcus

Chorlton Brewery and Sour Beers with Mike Marcus

Saturday 2 July 2016 – 7:30 – 10:00pm 

When I first tasted sour beer, I wondered how anyone in their right mind could drink the stuff. I sat for about an hour trying to get my head around it, before eventually giving up.

A year later, I sampled the exact same Gueuze I’d struggled to drink and wondered why on Earth I had made such a meal of it back then. It was delicious and now sour beers are some of my favourites. For this reason I am keen to champion them here in Stoke, and as Chorlton brew some of the finest British examples, who better to help me do that then their head brewer.

Former fine artist Mike Marcus launched Chorlton Brewing back in 2014, coming up with his own unique recipes after months of researching and travelling to Europe’s best beer regions delving into their secrets along the way. Mike plans to take you on a journey of discovery through sour beers, sampling not only beers of his own making, but some of the styles and favourites that inspired his own path into brewing.

We plan to make this a relaxed, informal night, keeping numbers low to ensure comfort and an enthusiastic audience.

Tickets are priced at £15 which covers five beer samples and a few snacks and will be on-sale in the shop from Tuesday 22 June.

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