Otter’s Tears online shop.

Today we officially start an exciting new chapter in the life of Otter’s Tears, the ability for you to order online for home delivery.

Yes, we know that an online store is not particularly groundbreaking these days, there are lots and lots of online beer retailers to choose from. But we hope that we have a decent enough selection of special beers to make a case or two now and then a worthwhile purchase from us, some of which are not readily available elsewhere.

It is very much a work in progress as we have such a lot of products to list, some of which may never make it online because of low numbers. However, if you see something on our social media feeds of interest you can always drop us a note to enquire about web sale potential. Get in touch here.

If there is something you’d like to see adding, please shout up and we’d love your feedback on the site generally too. We’ve worked hard together with our friends at Lemon Top Creative to get where we are right now, but I’m sure there will be the odd glitch or missing piece of information here and there.

There are one or two little gems that we have deliberately saved for launch day on the site already to encourage you to have a good mooch, they are in short supply though so don’t delay, get mooching!

Keep checking back regularly too as we intend to keep adding stuff daily. The link to the shop is below, but can also be found on our web front page.


Happy shopping!  🙂

*Big thanks and much love to my Mrs, Rach. Who worked her socks off all weekend (on her days off) to make sure we were ready to launch today. 

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