Christmas In Decadent Darkness...



Christmas In Decadent Darkness…

Most beer lovers tend to have something special lined up for the festive season, a good percentage have a “Christmas Stash”, made up of beers they have squirrelled away over the previous months or years.

I’ve pulled together a rather special case of twelve delectably dark and strong beers that will see you through the Queen’s speech, Home Alone and the obligatory James Bond blockbuster.

Rocky Road Fudge – Seven Island – 12% 440ml

Mediterranean Imperial  Stout madness from Corfu based brewery Seven Island.

Brewed with Peruvian Cocoa Nibs, Marshmallows, Almond and Tahitian Vanilla, this is definitely one for the Pastry stout lovers and fans of the sweet trolley. Even the can looks good enough to eat.

A wafer-thin, after-dinner mint anyone…

Tartarus – Abaddon – 17% 330ml

The next gargantuan beast is from Tartarus, a tiny nano-brewery from Horsforth. There’s nothing I enjoy more about running Otter’s Tears than being able to support the small independents. Tartarus make that easy as they brew the beer styles I love. This is a 17% Russian Imperial Stout loaded with 15 different malts with dark brown, demerara and jaggery sugars. Patiently conditioned resulting in a rich, dark and extremely flavourful beer. Sink into the darkness with Abaddon.

Everything is Pointless Smoked Banana Porter – Redwillow – 10% 440ml

Redwillow’s 10th Birthday beer, so it had to be something silly. This rich, smoky and banana infused decadent porter is what happens when Toby has too much time on his hands.

Truly a beer that sums up 2020.

BPAVK Hazelnut Praline – Three Hills Brewing – 10% 440ml

We’ve been experimenting with our base recipe for BPAVK, on a mission to enhance the flavours we’re aiming to deliver. Hazelnut Praline has intense dark chocolate vibes with all the nuts in the nose.

Amburana & Chocolate Stout – Kees – 11% 330ml

This is an imperial stout made with chocolate and Amburana, a species of wood found in Latin America. The beer is not matured in wooden barrels, instead, the wood has matured in the beer imparting it’s uniquely delicious flavours. Everything you taste besides the chocolate comes from the spiciness of the wood itself

Pineapple, Cacao and Acai Imperial Stout – Marble Beers – 12% 660ml

A soft velvety Imperial stout fully loaded with all manner of inviting flavours. Think sticky toffee pudding, dark chocolate and liquorice finished with pineapple and cacao. These working in complete harmony with berry fruits and a subtle nuttiness from the acai.

Babalu – St Mars Of The Desert – 10% 440ml

This is a new take on the classic beer. Rich, really rich! Really dark. 10% abv. No added flavours, you’ll taste rich malt and nothing else. If you want to pour maple syrup in it, be our guest, but this one’s about the beer!

I’ve Got Friends In The Music Business BA Blend 1 – Frontaal and The Bruery – 14% 330ml

Frontaal and The Bruery, two of the worlds finest brewers combine here to bring you a special barrel-aged blend of their Imperial Mexican Stout.

Blend 1 is a blend of this delectable stout barrel-aged on Early Times Bourbon, Calvados, American Apple Brandy and Bruichladdich barrels.

I’ve Got Friends In The Music Business BA Blend 2 – Frontaal and The Bruery – 14% 330ml

Blend II is a blend of this delectable stout aged on Heaven Hill Bourbon, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Early Times Bourbon, Armagnac and Calvados barrels.

Robert The Great – Struise – 10.5% 330ml

This is an Imperial Russian Stout that has been aged on Port Barrels (or pipes), in typical Struise style which brings a rounded sweet fruitiness coming from the port to balance a dark, brooding stout. A masterclass Oostvleteren style.

Öö XO Cognac BA Imperial Baltic Porter – Pohjala – 11.5% 330ml

A special version of the Öö, aged for months in Cognac barrels.

A silky smooth texture of dark malts, red fruits, cognac, liquorice, and honey. Hints of molasses mix with those of rich dark chocolate, all balanced with elegant tannins cleansing the palate.

Mr Experience Imperial Fudge Stout Pomona Island – 11% 440ml

Then, with perfect timing, an Imperial Fudge Stout glides in all tasty and luxurious.

A diamond of an Imperial Russian Stout. The kind of Stout that’s packed with tonka beans and vanilla pods, then brewed up real nice.


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Christmas In Decadent Darkness...


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