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The multiple award-winning heritage IPA, Govinda Chevallier Edition, is a celebration of strong traditional brewing. Govinda is faithfully recreated to an original early 1800’s Burton-Upon-Trent IPA recipe. Govinda, pays homage to the highly-hopped pale ales shipped to India to slake the thirst of the English Raj.

Govinda Chevallier Edition is built around the complex heritage barley malt: “Chevallier”.

In 2014, Shane, our pioneering head brewer, lead the way, being selected to receive the first batch of Crisp malted Chevallier available anywhere in the world. His task was to prove the malt could produce good beer… He spent 5 months meticulously studying the brewing history books to find the right recipe and process before creating the first edition of Govinda. The rest is history.

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