Graxx The Cream Horn Gobbler – Mocha Hazelnut Cream Horn Stout

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, on the planet of Pastaery, a small armless slime named Graxx was born out of a puddle of pure sugar. Graxx was, unlike the rest of his species, born without arms. Therefore he was picked on and spat out by his peers. After centuries of torment, Graxx got fed up with all the hate and started stuffing himself with cream horns. After years of continuously gobbling cream horns, Graxx grew out to be bigger and stronger the any other being of the planet Pastaery. Graxx, now a dirty gluttonous beast, then proceeded to crown himself king of the planet and eating anyone that stood in his way.⁠

And because everyone feared the dreadfull Graxx , they crowned him: “Graxx, the Cream Horn Gobbler”.

Mocha Hazelnut Cream Horn Stout

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