Mon Chéri Imperial Stout – Frontaal



Mon Chéri Imperial Stout – Frontaal

I’ve had some great beers from Frontaal recently, especially on the big and dark front, from straight-up imperial stouts to quads, barley wines and barrel-aged blends. Mon Chéri follows that trend, it’s a double/imperial stout with cacao nibs and cherries. Will it be like those cherry liqueur chocolates, (my favourite) or leaning more towards a Black Forest Gateaux? There’s only one way to find out…

We have a good selection of Frontaal delights for you to sample, take a look HERE.

“Brouwerij Frontaal was founded in 2015 by Roel Buckens, after years of searching for different flavours & aromas in existing beers. Roel has become a self-taught professional brewer, after gaining a lot of experience at existing breweries and by immersing himself in a wealth of brewing literature.

We are a brewery that stands for innovation, balance, creativity but also for transparency (except for the clarity of some beers). This all reflects in the taste of our beer, in our labels but also in the way our brewery acts.”

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Mon Chéri Imperial Stout - Frontaal