Northern Rumble Patrons Project 9.07

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We’re no stranger to a multi-hopped IPA or a lactose-infused, luxuriant tropical milkshake but a straight-up, DDH milk sugar IPA is something that until now we hadn’t tried our mash paddles at.

This beer showcases the US classic Amarillo, a resinous variety full of tangerine orange flavour, hints of lemon zest and some floral notes. We backed it up with everyone’s favourite tropical treat Citra and balanced out with our favourite touch of dankness, Columbus and Loral, a hybrid US variety with citrus and herbal notes.

All of this over a base of flaked oats and wheat, a touch of dextrose to boost the fermentable sugars and of course a heavy dose of lactose milk sugar in the boil to round out this silky, juicy, citrus bomb of an IPA.

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