Smoke and Monsters – Torrside Brewing

Smoke and Monsters – Torrside Brewing Smoke and Monsters - Torrside Brewing

I make no secret that I’m a devoted fan of Torrside Brewery, in fact, I’m more than happy to shout it from the rooftops and I’ll tell you exactly why. Clearly, I enjoy their beer, it’s delicious, that is a given. They brew beer without compromise as detailed in the post about our collaborative beer […]

Legendary ales from the underworld…

Legendary ales from the underworld… Jordan and Jack - Tartarus Beers

Tartarus Beers – Lautering With Intent Tartarus, a brewery with a dark soul drawing inspiration from the myths and legends lurking in the deepest regions of the underworld. I was introduced to Tartarus through a recommendation from two friends John and Fras, who were both keen that I try their beer. As soon as I […]

Class in a glass!

I’ve always been a glassware nut, I think it stems from my many visits to Belgium. Where you walk into a bar with a beer menu more akin to a karaoke song list with page after page of wonders. A beer is chosen and the barkeep still manages to find the correct, usually branded glass, […]

I see a Rainbow Rising… #RainbowProject16

This weekend sees the latest instalment in what has become one of the most exciting beer events in the modern beer world, the International Rainbow Project. Last night Siren Craft Brew had the beer Twitterati glued to their screens during #CraftBeerHour as one by one they announced the beers that each collaborative brewery pairing had created, […]

Stone Brewing Berlin

STONE BREWING SPECIAL Stone Brewing have long been a go-to staple for any serious craft beer drinker interested in what good American brewing can offer, with beers like Ruination, Cali-Belgique and the oh-so subtly named Arrogant Bastard snapped up if found. In recent years though, they seemed to lose their edge slightly in a market with so many […]

There’s “Norway” of telling you how good these Lervig beers are…

“Nor’way” of knowing how long they will last either….. 😉 Awful puns aside, take look at our current stock of beers from Norwegian brewmasters Lervig Aktiebryggeri. We hope you agree it’s a pretty epic selection including some very rare beasts, hitting the UK in VERY limited numbers.  We have Lervig collaborations with some of the […]

Tears For Beers – July 8th #tearsforbeers

Welcome to another issue of “Tears For Beers”. First some news. Last Saturdays sour beer presentation with Chorlton Brewery was a great success, with head brewer/owner Mike talking us through some of the beers that influenced his own path into brewing and formed the basis of many of Chorlton’s beers. We still have a few […]